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Doris's current performance schedule is now available on the schedule page.


FROM DORIS! Side by Side begins the spring through fall "Aloha Tour 2015" (mostly local!) as Doris retires from her “day job” and moves to Hawaii!  Doris has dreamed all her life of living in Hawaii!  As Side by Side goes on permanent hiatus in October, please come see us (and me!) at our gigs - more to be announced.  See September 26 on the schedule page for info on the last “Aloha Concert” produced by the World Folk Music Association.


We hope you were at this wonderful concert to honor our friend and mentor because it was pretty terrific!
Saturday, September 27 – “Remembering Dick Cerri – A Celebration in Song” – College Park MD - Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, with many of Dick’s favorite performers: Tom Paxton, Noel Paul Stookey, Peter Yarrow, Carolyn Hester (with Amy & Karla), Schooner Fare, Christine Lavin, Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen, the Squid Jiggers, Paul Prestopino, Bob Hefferan, Ron Greenstein, Marshal Rosenberg, Anne Hills, Bill Danoff, Donal Leace, Mack Bailey and surprise guests - Chad Mitchell and Jonathan Edwards!  We celebrated Joe Frazier too.

Photo by Paul Demmitt


Wednesday, May 14, 2014 was a very special evening for Side by Side (Doris Justis & Sean McGhee). We celebrated the 30th Anniversary of our first performance together (May 14, 1984) with a wonderful concert at the Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club.  This is a new venue in the historic Bethesda Theater in the heart of Bethesda, MD.  We were joined on stage by special guest accompanists Paul Prestopino and Ron Greenstein (of the Chad Mitchell Trio and Peter, Paul & Mary).  Also helping out were Scott Morgan (a frequent performer with Doris) Jay Keating and Kelly Diamond (frequent performers with Sean in Know1Else).

Photo by Chuck Morse


On MONDAY, MAY 12 we were on Barbara Harrison’s LIVE TV program on Channel 4 Washington!  You can watch the video right here:



Side by Side will be participating in the WFMA Showcases at El Golfo Restaurant, from time to time.  El Golfo is a wonderful Latin American restaurant, located at 8739 Flower Avenue, with plenty of free parking.  You can find all of the details on the WFMA Website.  Showcases are the second Sunday of each month.  Our next scheduled appearance is August 10.

We are so sorry to tell you – our friends, fans and folk family - that our beloved Dick Cerri has passed away.  Though he has been in declining health, and most of us were surprised by his resolve, this time it was congested heart failure.  Chuck and Yvonne Morse and my Dave and I were able to be with him on Wednesday evening but it was clear he was not in good condition.
Most of us performers at time to time referred to him as “Mr. Folk Music” and I believe it was Schooner Fare who first gave Dick that title.  He loved being called that.  And many of you know that personally I “grew up” with his Music Americana radio program in junior high and after college and becoming a so-called adult, became his production manager, showcase coordinator and a host of other titles with him over the years.  And as with many of you, I still miss my Sunday evenings of Music Americana.  I did cherish those times.  Now he is at the “Rainbow Bridge” with John Denver, other great performers, his brother Bill, his kitty cats Werner and Erhardt and so many other special people who have gone before him.  I have Dick to thank for my opportunities with music all these years and his support of our duo which he loved.  And of course it was at one of his first showcases at the Birchmere, that Sean and I met and some 29 years later are still performing together.
His daughter, Debbie is not planning a service.  She has requested that in the future we have a celebration “music party and concert” to honor him.  When we have details, we will let everyone know.  I will miss him terribly...

Doris and Scott are sad to report that the wonderful Two Pears Café in Kensington, MD had closed.  If you have any suggestions for venues for us, please contact Doris.


MAINE! Side by Side participated in the Annual Tribute to Tom Rowe, on Satuday, May 11, 2013 (Doris's birthday) at the First Universalist Church in Auburn, ME.  Side by Side joined Schooner Fare, Denny Breau, Dave Rowe's Squid Jiggers and others.

Doris is Music Director for Northern Virginia Ethical Society (NOVES).  Please contact her directly if you would like to join a fun chorus.  ALL levels of ability welcome!  You do not need to be a member of NOVES.  (   Green Hedges School, 415 Windover Ave, NW, Vienna VA (just off Nutley St)  703-437-3161  We are currently looking for new members. How about you?

A personal message to our fans, friends and family: Many of you know that Hebe (Hebron) Adams has been managing my mailing list since before there was a Side by Side.  The Adams family and I go way back to my first months as Dick Cerri’s Production Manager for his radio program, Music Americana.  This spring, Hebe had a medical emergency.  He has moved to Maine to be near his daughter, Jenny and is doing well.  Side by Side did a special surprise mini-concert for him before he moved to South Paris.  I really miss Hebe as we had monthly luncheons and we shared a lot of ups and downs in our lives over many years.  Thanks, Hebe, Nancy, Jenny and Heather for all the good times and sad times we have shared together.  We are looking forward to seeing Hebe when we gig in Maine in May! ( ** see below )


Visit the new Side by Side Facebook Page!

Listen to Doris's much-requested song about dearly-departed pets:  Rainbow Bridge (Click to listen)


On March 22, Side by Side opened for The Brothers Four at the Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church, in Bethesda, MD. The WFMA sponsored show was nearly sold out and the audience enjoyed the music of both Side by Side and the Brothers Four.

DORIS celebrates the one year anniversary of her "dream come true trip of a lifetime" tour of Ireland with members of the legendary Chad Mitchell Trio in March, 2012.
Unfortunately Chad Mitchell Trio member, Joe Frazier, was not able to go to on the tour.  He needed to stay close to home to work on his health.  Certainly it was extremely disappointing for him and for all his fans and fellow globetrotters.  Please keep Joe in your thoughts and prayers.  The good news is that Chad Mitchell Trio members Mike Kobluk, Chad Mitchell, Paul Prestopino, Bob Hefferan and Ron Greenstein were on the tour.  The other good news is that as a long time Trio friend and fan and “promoter”, Doris was invited to add her musical talents and join the tour!


Listen to Doris's much-requested song about dearly-departed pets:  Rainbow Bridge (Click to listen)


Here is a look back at 2009, our 25th Anniversary Year:

ANNOUNCEMENTS!  SIDE BY SIDE started to celebrate their “25th Anniversary Year” on SUNDAY, January 4, 2009 at the Kennedy Center and the Millennium Stage! 
It is in the Center’s archive and will be available forever! (or close to it!).  You can watch it here.   It was the most fabulous evening!  Everyone on staff from Diana and Garth to Dave and Matt on site with a great video crew, made everything seamless and terrific.  Friends, fans and family came in person or “tuned in” to the LIVE broadcast on the web that evening.  Thanks for the great turnout from my Aerobic Dancing class (of over 20 years!), members of the Northern Virginia Ethical Society (where I am Music Director) and members of the Washington Ethical Society (where I was Music Director for seven years). Doris is member of all.  And thanks to Betty-Chia & Hank for the party afterward at their lovely home in NW DC.  And to Melissa for the wonderful cake with all our CDs on top in fondant!  People from all over the country have been calling and emailing that they have seen the concert.  We are so proud, and thank goodness it is worthy of your viewing!  (Songs not previously recorded: Bridge Over Troubled Water, Fly Away, Afternoon Delight, She Loves You…)  Check out our previous appearance (9/11/99):  You can watch it here.  This was great fun and broadcast worldwide, live at that time AND is still available!


The World Folk Music Association Celebrated Side by Side along with The Chad Mitchell Trio with a CONCERT:  The Chad Mitchell Trio has been together for 50 years and Doris Justis and Sean MGhee have been performing together as Side by Side for 25!  So, along with surprise guest Tom Paxton, they celebrated these milestones March 31, 2009 at the Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church in Bethesda, MD.  See photo below:

Photo of Chad Mitchell Trio Concert

Paul Prestopino, Mike Kobluk, Doris, Joe Frazier, Tom Paxton, Chad Mitchell, Sean



Tuesday, March 31 – Historical event!

World Folk Music Association presented The Chad Mitchell Trio’s 50th Anniversary with Side by Side!  Chad Mitchell, Mike Kobluk, Joe Frazier, Paul Prestopino, Bob Hefferan AND surprise guest, Tom Paxton at Cedar Lane Unitarian Church in Bethesda MD.  What a great night of music and our friend Karen made us all a guitar cake.  Yummy! (See photo above)

Saturday, April 25

Montgomery College Planetarium – Laser and Star Show Concert!   This was great!  Lasers and lights coordinated with OUR music! 

Monday, May 11  - My surprise birthday party was fabulous!  Thanks to my David who put it all together and to Eli who offered her wonderful Kensington Row Book Shop for the venue!  Food, fun, music (with Sean, Dennis, Dave Shepp, Mark Ashby, Sid & Carol Dunn) and great location!

Thursday, May 21 - Side by Side had a triumphant 25th Anniversary celebration at BlackRock Center for the Arts in Germantown MD on Thursday, May 21!  It was sold out (yeah!).  Many old and new friends and fans and family were there!  We reunited my  “Who to Turn to” Band Dennis Diamond, Kyd Brenner & Greg Shupe – and Jay Keating & Sean’s Keating Five.  What a great time! 

Saturday, July 18  – Town of Kensington MD, outside, in front of Prevention of Blindness, across from Farmer’s Market at train station, 3716 Howard Ave.  My annual appearance for Kensington and Sean’s second!  Nice sitting area and you get to see and hear trains!

 Saturday, August 1  –  Benefit for Garrett Park Elementary School - Jay Keating, others …

7:00 – 10:00 pm Garrett Park Town Hall, a lovely location for acoustic music.

Tuesday, September 15  – Side by Side

Folk Club of Reston/Herndon - Celebrating their 24th year and we were among their first performers!)

In case you missed these, you can see Side by Side at the Kennedy Center anytime!

♫ ♫ And In November 2007, Side by Side celebrated John Denver and his music at a special concert at Gilman School in Baltimore MD.  Several students participated by making slide presentations to go along with the songs we sang – Tradewinds, Wild Montana Skies, This Old Guitar (beautiful solo by Sean) – to name a few.  It turned out wonderfully and we are pleased!

Watch the video here.




DORIS & DICK CERRI!  - Monday, October 27, 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Dick Cerri and I were featured on a radio program in Pennsylvania at (it is streaming on web, click on LISTEN) with DJ, Steve Aaronson, regarding the wonderful tribute concert to Tom Paxton held in Virginia by the WFMA on May 3.  The three of us go down “memory lane” and we chat about WFMA, Dick’s “Music Americana”, folkies who are no longer with us and other topics.  This station features live folk music programming five nights a week and it is on the web!

VACATION NEWS:  Annual trip to Lake George NY to visit my Burnett family with Mary Susan and her kids and Sarah and her kids! Fun in sun, boat rides, water skiing (not me!), ice cream, 51/2 hr. tour of lake by boat!

  David and I had a grand vacation on the West Coast, my first visit!  David made my lifelong dream come true at “the place where dreams come true!” - Disneyland! It was all I hoped it would be.  I was a kid again whirling around in teacups, traveling through the jungle and the rainforest, viewing Nemo from a submarine, watching birds singing in the Tiki Room (one of Walt’s original attractions featuring his animatronics inventions), soaring through the night with Peter Pan, dodging bullets from pirates in the Caribbean, choo-chooing around the park in the open air train, dining at lunch in the evening setting of the Blue Bayou Restaurant, laughing at the antics of Alice and her Wonderland friends, boating through the miniatures in Storyland and on and on.  It was fabulous!  We also saw SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo (where I took the tram ride over and over, I loved it so!), Universal Studios (goodbye King Kong!) and toured the Stars’ homes by bus!  Wow!  Can’t wait to go back…


Doris is Music Director for Northern Virginia Ethical Society (NOVES).  Please contact her directly if you would like to join a fun chorus.  ALL levels of ability welcome!  You do not need to be a member of NOVES.  (   Green Hedges School, 415 Windover Ave, NW, Vienna VA (just off Nutley St)  703-437-3161  September 21 is our first rehearsal.

In November, SIDE BY SIDE celebrated John Denver and his music at a special concert at Gilman School in Baltimore MD.  Several students participated by making slide presentations to go along with the songs we sang – Tradewinds, Wild Montana Skies, This Old Guitar (beautiful solo by Sean) – to name a few.  It turned out wonderfully and we are pleased!  You can view this at

Also, check SIDE BY SIDE’s concert: , click Millennium Stage, click on Past Performances, Side by Side, September 11, 1999.  This was great fun and broadcast worldwide and live at that time!  Soon we will appear again at Millennium Stage!  Watch for details!

I perform for weddings, receptions, memorial services and house concerts. Please use contacts above if interested in booking.





My summer was lots of fun and included a trip to Lake George NY to stay with the Burnetts, which I do each summer. This time it was with Mary Susan and her two girls, Sydney Grace and Annelise. Her sister, Sarah, could not come as she was soon to deliver! (Welcome, Theresa Lucille Begg!) And Barbara (the mom) had to stay in Virginia to start teaching earlier than usual. David flew up and joined us for the end of the week. We had a blast.  The three days it was “just us girls” was wonderful. We have not really been able to do that before.

Sean and Janet just got back from their vacation on the west coast. They celebrate their anniversary in October!

WFMA note:  On Saturday, May 3 we will celebrate our dear friend, Tom Paxton. Confirmed for May 3 – Tom, of course, and the Chad Mitchell Trio!









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